about the mint

Our Story

The Chocolate MINT Foundation (THE MINT) is deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of young individuals and families. Frederick and Felicia Frazier founded the Chocolate MINT Foundation in 2009 designed to meet the needs of specialized populations and communities that have been traditionally under-served.

THE MINT Foundation is a people-inspired, results-oriented foundation committed to excellence. THE MINT offers a continuum of care that reaches out to build healthy lives, families and communities.

The MINT has served as a pillar in the community in its efforts to ensure citizens maximize their potential in becoming self-reliant.

Our CORE Values

THE MINT Foundation focuses its’ mission in four areas:
(a) Mentoring
(b) Inspiring
(c) Nurturing
(d) Training

Our CORE Values are the central concepts that define who we are and how we work. They provide us with the basis for action, and the foundation for the operation of our organization.

Mentor - Build strong and meaningful adult to youth, peer-to-peer relationships that will positively influence the individual’s social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral development, while improving communities and society as a whole.

Inspire - Positively influence at-risk youth and underserved populations that will empower them to have a positive outlook on life and a new sense of self-worth. Ensure that our youth are trained, and well equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Nurture - Build healthy and safe communities to eliminate disparaties through healthy lifestyles and habits while continuously and consistently providing support and guidance to those who suffer from food insecurities.

Train - Provide progranming that educates an equips individuals that lack the necessary skills to move forward and become self-sustaining individuals.